Adding a Server

Adding a server is as easy as it sounds, but make sure that your server is compatible and that your user is prepared.

Basic Information

Alias: The name that is displayed in WhaleDeck

Host: The address at which your server can be reached. This can be a domain ( or an IP (

Port: The port at which your SSH server is listening. Leave that field empty to use the default port 22

Username: The user that has full access to your server and can run Docker commands without sudo

Operating System: Select the operating system that is running on your server


There are two ways to authenticate.


Simply enter your password in the Password field.


Add your private key to WhaleDeck by tapping on the plus icon and either reading it from your clipboard or a file. If your private key requires a passphrase, write it in the Password field.

Learn more about Setting Up SSH Key Authentication in WhaleDeck: A Complete Guide

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